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The free software for building and running Individual Based Models with no computer skill

Mobidyc is a software project that aims to promote Individual-Based Modelling in the field of ecology, biology and environment. It is the acronym for MOdelling Based on Individuals for the DYnamics of Communities.


  • Biologists or researchers with no computer skill who wish to quickly build and run simple IBMs or cellular automata.
  • Modelers who want to take advantage of the Mobidyc framework to write complex models or dedicated simulators.

Main characteristic

  • Based upon the multi-agent paradigm, with three kinds of agents: cell (spatial), mobile and non-located agents
  • Agent's behaviour is specified either by stringing out pre-defined components or by conventional programming
  • A scheduler and several graphical tools including a video-tape recorder manage and control the simulations
  • Manages both the (pseudo)parallel and the sequential call of the agents
  • Understands user's units for variables and parameters
  • Provides a batch procedure to automatically string out simulations while varying parameters values
  • Written in the Cincom VisualWorks Smalltalk, a powerful and free object language, which is very easy to learn even for the non computer scientist
  • Run on any platform. Tested on MacOS X, Windows XP, Unix-Solaris, Linux (Mandriva, Red-Hat, Debian ...)

Release April 4, 2006 -- Mobidyc v2.22

  • Minor bugs corrected

Release December 15, 2005 -- Mobidyc v2.21

  • XML saving of the whole project.
  • new plain text editor for mathematical expressions between agent's states, including control structures (need Java 1.4.2).
  • More statistical fonctions
  • A new GUI for opening Mobidyc project.
  • A Dashboard for managing parameters.
  • I/O optimised

Download Mobidyc

Mobidyc is written in cincom visual Smalltalk under GPL licence. go to "Télécharger" link to know how to install and use it.

Run the examples that are provided. All of them are build with the pre-defined components: this will give you a good idea of the variety of behaviors it is possible to build without any "hard coding".An english tutorial is provided as well as an english online help.


  • Mobidyc is free and open source, but see CopyRights for a legal use.
  • Please don't forget to mention Mobidyc's reference in your works :
    • Scientific paper reference: Ginot Vincent, Le Page Christophe, Souissi Sami (2002). A multi-agents architecture to enhance end-user individual-based modelling. Ecological Modelling n°157 (2002) 23-41.t,
    • URL: http://www.avignon.inra.fr/mobidyc